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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alone...ness! and missing you!**

Apparently, there are a few things missing on me. The most important of them all:
People who actually care. Who actually are there. In fact, the ones who do care are doing one of the two: either not here, physically, so they aren't much good, except when they can be there and here, at the same time; and the ones who are actually here, but rather be elsewhere, so they're not much good either.
Still, I am here, accompannied by one, "the best of the one"'s... So, what are we to do (us, the people who are still here, alone or accompannied, and feel that they're friends have gone somewhere else)?
I tell you that there is no way we can survive alone (or with one person). What is the point in having people who love you, and knowing that they do love you if there are no signs of it. Is it enough just to know that they exist? Is it enough to know that there are people who love you, even when you don't see them anywhere??
Tell me, where have you gone? Where is it that the people hide from others when there are troubles ahead? 'Cause it sure isn't with their friends, you know... At least, not when these friends are hiding... If this is what is suppost to happen when you do have friends, I don't think I want to have a lot of them... 'Cause now that I have them, I'm lonely when they aren't here. And I do not like being alone... If I did, I wouldn't want to have anyone in my life. And I do...
What am I good for...? you wonder... I too, don't know...
Keep me posted on that, k?


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