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Monday, October 22, 2007

Being or not being bothered

Today was a shadow of yesterday. And since I have nowhere to go, staying here was just all I could do. Being here is all I can do. What if I actually am? What if there is no other way to solve this but this way alone? What if I go tomorrow and I get to actually tell you that it is ok, that there is nothing wrong with it? Will you pout? Will you turn your back on me? Would it be so wrong? I've never seen anything wrong with what I feel...You just don't realize that most probably there is something there "bothering" you too. And I believe in being "bothered". I like being "bothered". But it's ok. If you don't feel like it, it's ok. I'll have to find someone else to bother...Or else, try and bother you some more!


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